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Christine's father moved on at the young age of 63. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he was determined to die with his boots on. He spent his final days on a service mission for his church. He stayed busy and service oriented until the day he passed.

At Boots On we believe that seniors at every age, can continue setting and hitting fulfilling goals in their life. We honor our seniors and the lives they have lived. At Boots On we offer services to give seniors something to look forward to. We help them set goals, and guide them towards the resources they need to maintain a happy, balanced, and satisfying life. We think everyone should reach the end of life with their "boots on."

For Team Dye, it's all about Heart Management. Heart Management is a way of thinking about life and others that is vital to happiness. Being happy with where you are in life is easy if you have a goal, and you're looking for the good in everything around you. During Boots On coaching sessions, Christine works with seniors to help them make peace with their past, and get excited about their future. 

Coaching seniors into their future begins by understanding where they came from. Seniors clients will have the opportunity to share their life stories and passions. Christine will use that information to help guide seniors towards setting goals for their future. If needed, Chris can help guide clients to resolve their own lasting traumas, using Heart Management techniques. 

For practical daily fulfillment, Christine will work with Celeste, who can be scheduled for visits twice per week. If Grandma loves to sew, but no longer is able to drive. Celeste will be able to use her visits to drive Grandma to the fabric store. Grandma loves animals, but is loosing the ability to care for them? Maybe, on Celeste's visits they can find an Animal Shelter to volunteer for. 

Is Grandpa very passionate about getting his life story done? He'll be able to formulate a plan and set specific goals with Christine. Then, when Celeste comes for weekly visits, she can help transcribe the journal entries he selects. 

Most often, clients still have the ability to care for themselves. Having the video chats only will work for most clients. They will set a goal; such as getting a certain number of journal entries typed, or go buy fabric from the store and start the new quilt. Then, they will have a cheerleader, supporter, accountability buddy, and life coach, on the other end of the line to help them plan the next steps. 

Our services are meant to compliment each other, and each service can also stand on its own. Give us a call or email to figure out what will work best for you! 



Personalized programs to maintain strength, stay sharp, and keep smiling. 

This is a great option for home-bound seniors. For very cognitive seniors, these video sessions can be used to set and follow up on goals. For seniors with less mobility, the sessions can be used for low-impact aerobic sessions. With a live person on the other end of the line, someone will be there to ensure the senior remembers to participate. Every person's needs are different and our Video Coaching is flexible enough to improve the quality of life for our clients no matter their ability and cognitive level. 

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At Boots On! Coaching for Seniors, we care about the well being and health of all of our clients. With Boots On! Coaching for Seniors, you can count on the best Licensed Life Coaching in the industry. There are so many benefits to in-person face-to-face meetings, that are simply lost online. With this meeting, you get the same awesome coaching as a video session, but it's in your own home. In order to get the video chat set up, and get comfortable with each other; we recommend scheduling an in-home coaching session for the first visit, and once each month going forward.

In Good Hands


These visits are performed by Christine's daughter, Amy Celeste. She has several years of care giving experience. These visits are meant primarily to help the seniors socialize. They are either 1 or 2 hour visits. She will work with Christine to help clients hit their goals. She can help sew, cook a meal, help transcribe journals, help with cleaning and laundry, change light bulbs. Pretty much she's just there for a few hours each week to do whatever needs to be done. 

As seniors begin to age, there is a risk of basic needs being forgotten. Celeste's secondary purpose is essentially to "see something, say something." She'll watch for red flags; the same outfit for many days in a row, smelly towels or clothes, rotting food in the fridge or garbage, broken chairs, etc. 


Christine, founder, certified life coach, and SSW, will have individual 1 hour sessions to coach seniors. She has a masters in social work, and has spent over a year developing her Heart Management system. The coaching sessions will help seniors set specific goals. Clients will also be able to look at their life. They will be able to tell their life story. If needed, Christine can help guide them through resolving anger, and loving others deeply.



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