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Christine Dye, BSW SSW

Certified Life Coach

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Christine Dye

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It has been over 30 years ago now that   I remember coming across the page in my college course catalog describing Social Work.  I distinctly remember reading the sentence, "Social work is the helping-people profession."  The memory is vivid to me.  As I was sitting there I envisioned the joy and fulfillment I would find spending my life working with people and helping them 'discover who they really are.'   My heart spoke very strongly to me.  I believe the Spirit, The Voice, was issuing a call to me.  There was no such thing then as a life coach profession, but I believe this is where I began my personal journey to becoming  becoming a life coach.

It was in one of those social work classes my first semester that I met a vibrant young lady who kept telling me I really needed to meet her brother, David.  Well, the rest is history.  I soon embarked on the most important social work I will ever do as I became a wife and eventually mother of ten children.  During those years when being a full time stay-at-home Mom was my first priority, I also collected some valuable experiences.

  1. Bachelor's Social Work (SSW since 2001)

  2. Arbingers "The Choice" facilator

  3. Preschool teacher

  4. Homeschool Mom and private school teacher

  5. Blogpost Author, The Add Mom 

  6. Founder "Pebbles" (A leadership based young women's orgnization)

  7.  Life Coach Certified.

  8. Above all,  a strong happy marriage of 29 years, 10 wonderful children, two 'bonus' children, and five beautiful grandchildren.

As a Certified Life Coach, I now enjoy Vox (Voice) Coaching  -- helping clients raise awareness of the resistant thoughts and choose to "plug in" to their inner voice.   I have developed two programs of specialization as extensions of Vox Coaching: Boots On! Geriatric Coaching and Thriving Hunters Way! ADHD Coaching.  I have also created and run a six week Heart Management Coaching Group

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In our individual coaching sessions we increase awareness of the thoughts that drive and thoughts that cause resistance.  We work on getting emotions to work for us as fuel.  And we begin generating great things.

Until every cell gets it, we're not done

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