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Team Dye

David Dye, LCSW
Christine Dye, SSW

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Who We Are

As a team over thirty years strong, our passion is family.  We believe that the only change that matters is the change of heart.  Our coaching and counseling focuses on this aim.  We know that life can bring challenges we didn't see coming.  Often these problems leave us overwhelmed and feeling lost, helpless and in despair.  There is help!  Answers and solutions, peace and joy, are not as impossible as they might seem.  As a therapist-coach team, we deliver support in a uniquely powerful and affordable way.  We provide traditional psychotherapy, team counseling/coaching, and individul coaching.  David brings over 25 years experience in psychotherapy (LCSW).   Christine is a Certified Life Coach and Licensed BSW.  She designed the Heart Management  Self-Coaching Approach, which she uses in her Heart Managent classes, seminars, and individual coaching.  This Heart Management Approach is a powerful system that not only acknowledges the self-deception problem defined by the Arbinger Institute, but provides do-able processes to discover liberation.  We see lives change!

We Provide. . .


Heart Management
Coaching, Classes, and Seminars

Learning and Practicing the Art of Feeling Better

by Christine
SSW, Certified Life Coach

Family Coaching

Finding Answers, Changes and Healing before Psychotherapy for Teens, Children, and Parents

Provided by Christine
SSW, Certified Life Coach

Woman on Window Sill

Marriage Retreats, Relationship Gatherings, and Family Agri-therapy Camps

Inviting Connection, Together

(Coming Soon)

Organized by David and Christine
Special Guests and Teachers

Marriage Counseling-Coaching 

The Power of Teaming up Allows Dual Perspective Marriage Counseling

Provided by
David Dye, LCSW
Christine Dye, SSW, CLC



A Personal Side of


"The only change that matters is a change of heart."

Boots On!
Strength and Memory Coaching for Seniors

By Christine

Weekly video calls incorporate guided chair exercises, brain work-outs, health and nutritional training, and relationship mind-set coaching.  My desire is to spark joy, drive, health and purpose into the lives of seniors.  Provides regular social interaction!  Creates goal reinforcement!  Improves memory and thinking sharpness.  Stregnthens muscle, posture, joints, and balance.  Raises mood and motivation. I wish everyone over 70 had a Boots On! coach.

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