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Preparing Together to be Leaders and Builders in the Lord's Kingdom One Stone at a time


Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey?

A journey of building friendships and having fun together, of learning new skills and stretching and growing. . .

If you are reading this, you are probably a young woman between the ages of 10 -14.  This is an exciting age! You are now stepping out of your childhood and have the whole rest of your life shining brightly before you. These are your life's mission training years -- years given by God to you, to gain knowledge and experiences in preparation for becoming the woman of influence you were born to become.


A Woman of Influence

God has told us that His work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.  In other words, it’s all about influence.   God’s work and glory is to raise others up to be like Him.  As women, God has given us the position of the most intimate influence that I believe any mortal has.  Even from the womb, a mother begins a connection to her child that is unlike any other.  As we teach and nurture in our homes.  We are at the heart and soul of God’s work and glory!  What greater incentive could there be to use these God given training years for building a sure foundation so that we might enter into womanhood prepared to be usable servants for His work?  to become women of Influence?

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Earning the Pebbles Award

Building a Sure Foundation

Pebbles is designed to help unite together in setting and achieving goals towards preparing for this mission.  Each goal accomplished is a small stone added, one at a time, to a sure foundation that will hold and support you throughout your life's work.  Setting the goal to earn the Pebbles Award is not for the faint of heart.  It is a big accomplishment.  Together we'll be taking it one step at a time and with diligence and fortitude, it will be easier than you think.  Keep in mind we have all these programs to help you.

The Pebbles Award

Earn 12 Awards this year.

Diamond Awards (4 Required)

Hold to the Rod

Cover to Cover

Record Keeper

Treasrue Up

Ruby Awards (2 Required)

Culinary Queen

Of Your Own Make

Sanctuary Builder

Behold Your Little Ones

Root Seeker

Emerald Awards (2 Required)

After the Creator

Then Sings My Soul

All Things Witness

By Study and Faith

Sapphire Awards (2 Required)

His Hands

Reaching Out

Runa and Not Be Weary

Bearing His Name

Wise Steward

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